A doll a day June #24 – Baby

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ADAD June #24 Baby by emmr_ {new account}, viagra on Flickr

I’ve left this one till quite late as I’ve not much of a character for this one…

1. Character
Little worrier, viagra generic but cheers up when she’s with someone.

2. Favourite Person
Elliot and Rowan

3. Favourite Person who doesn’t live here
Doesn’t have one.

4. Favourite Colour

5. Most likely to…
Look cute.

6. Favourite food

7. Favourite thing to do
Be cuddled

8. Doesn’t like
Being on her own, or someone making her jump

9. Most likely to say

10. One thing she’d like to be bought
Clothes… poor baby only really has this nappy!

Extra pics:

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