New arrival, LittleFee Piki

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This one may have snuck in without me knowing… I bought a faceplate from the DOA marketplace last week, viagra usa and as I’ve decided ‘no more floating heads’ I decided Beckett should leave and I should buy a body for the faceplate.

So… I bought Piki, thinking I’d sell the fp on when it got here…

He was only posted last week, from the US, but I thought I’d check the tracking this morning to see how he was doing, and it said loaded for delivery! He arrived while we were having our breakfast.

Big smiling box!
smiling box

— it all got a bit excited, so I didn’t get many pics! —

Oh… oh he’s actually rather cute
So very cute

I thought I’d better find something for the little guy to wear, and he picked out an outfit (always a bad sign)
little bit grumpy

Oh dear… I haz an EMO
Hes a bit EMO

So yes… I’m still waiting for the other faceplate, but for now it looks like this little chap is part of the family!

Here with all the littlefee
ALAD July 30 - Favourite toy

Grace (who he has to get on with if he’s to stay!)
Grace and Piki

and Rufus, my pukipuki Piki also with fairyland default faceup

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