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This one has taken her time coming… She was posted on 4 August and only just swanned in today after I had to pay £30 ransom!! I’m sure they’re getting meaner and meaner 🙁

Anyway, viagra sale as soon as I knew she was coming she started to tell me what she wanted to wear and which wig she would have – I’ve not had one quite so bossy before now… I made this on the day she was posted, viagra buy and ordered everything pretty soon aftwards too

Incoming doll

All the clothes are by the wonderful Ball Jointed Beatrix on etsy.

The clothes arrived today with the custest packaging I’ve ever seen:
cutest packaging ever

Once I’d opened that and got excited by how wonderful it all was it was time for the big box…

Very well packed!

She was shipped unstrung, so I had a bit of a jigsaw to get through first


I got carried away at this point and put her together and dressed her, so here she is!

Then we went out for tea… and the light had gone even more, so apologies for these!

I had thought when I bought her I’d try to remove her ears and fix them up back to human… but actually I’m not so sure now, I need to get some better pics in the daylight

She’s a cute little thing… and already has heaps of personality,

Now I need to decide on a name… and I’m still really not sure! She likes Ash, and Willow.. but also Faith, Ruth, Felicity and Viola, or maybe something completely different *sigh*

4 thoughts on “MiniFee Ryeon arrival

  1. Oh my! This girl is absolutely PRECIOUS! I love love LOVE her elf ears! I think you should keep them! But that’s just me. I love all manner of non-human ears! 😀 I am looking forward to future spam of her. I hope you come up with the perfect name soon! p.s. Mind if I ask where you got her wig?!??? I love the length and it looks so soft and touchable!

    • Thank you, I’m quite taken with her 🙂

      The wig is from ForMyDoll, I also got Zephie’s wig from them… they’re really great quality would definitely recommend them.

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