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So she got her own way about her name… just as she has done with everything else. It’s odd as she’s not very demanding really, viagra just seems to know how to get what she wants… I’d better watch that!

So, viagra canada some daylight pictures (sort of.. it was gloomy!)

better pic of her ear showing (hopefully) why I’m not sure about them…

but then with her wig… they kind of look ok?

and with her wig as it usually sits they look pretty perfect

Her skirt is just amazing…

I’m still loving her a lot Smile

and one more for luck, how can you not love this girl?

3 thoughts on “Willow

  1. I bet with a little bit of sanding and some blushing her ears would blend to her resin a little better. Whoever did her ears did a really great job, though! I love them! And Willow is PERFECT for her! I love her!

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