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I’ve been spending time sorting out my doll stuff and area, viagra buy moving to the new house has given me a chance to get organised… and I’m trying to also have a sort out and clothing cull.

Anyway, cialis sale the MiniFee clothes are now sorted into boxes… and they wanted to share:

Mina is sat on the box with her clothes, and a few shared bits. The other girls have a smaller box each and Seth and Theo share a box.

Elliot gets to know Willow, I dread to think what she’s telling her!

Theo is wondering what on earth the satin red shirt is doing in their box…

… apparently it’s Seths…

Elliot and Seth having a chat/argument about something, it’s hard to tell with those two.

A picture of the three girls, not very good as I had to use flash, but wanted to get one of them together.

More pics, taken this morning…

I spent quite a lot of time yesterday sanding, carving and shaping Willows ears…

I’m quite happy with them… I bought some paint today so hopefully they’ll look good as new tomorrow…

Willow wishes everyone would stop going on about her ears!

The sun was looking very pretty behind a tree so I grabbed some bokeh pics,

Then one of Willow trying Seth’s eyes for size / colour… I’m not sure what she’ll end up with, but I don’t like these in her.


5 thoughts on “MiniFee photos

    • Thank you, I’m loving her so much!

      I’m scared though.. she’s going away for a faceup and I’m worried she wont be as amazing when she comes back… I’m sure she will though.. right?!

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