Family photo time

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I like to do this every now and then… this is the first time I’ve done it in the new house, viagra usa so it’s been a while!


The MiniFee… I’ve included the new boy in the photos as I’m still unsure whether he goes or stays…

Then they’re joined by the LittleFee…

and the PukiFee (starting to look very busy!)

Then the Pukipukis and RealPuki join in – that’s my full Fairyland family

Lastly little Baby my only non-fairyland doll comes in, and everyone bunches up for a big group family photo – say cheese!


I got some pics of them all as well, it’s hard to see the little one in group photos,


My creation

Top -> Bottom : Left -> Right

Mina, Theo, Seth, Elliot, Willow, new boy

Rowan, Alfie, Grace, Weezle, Zephie, Wolfe

Piper, Rose, Quinn, Harley

Sprout, Ali, Floki, Bel, Jinx, Baby

4 thoughts on “Family photo time

  1. LoL oh my gosh~ amazing! …even though its crowded there’s one doll that really captures my attention…it’s little rose! …(oh my, am obsessed..)

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