Blythe bodies / how I do body swapping

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A friend asked me a question about the Blythe bodies, generic viagra so I took a few photos of the different bodies, cialis generic then it turned into a mini tutorial / look inside a Blythe!

So, my girls:

L – R: Pure Neemo Flection Natural, Pure Neemo Flection White, Licca with tilty neck, standard Blythe body

This is where I noticed that the white neemo would look better on Freckles with the natural on Monster.. so time for a swap! (Might not be too obvious in the pic, but in daylight there’s quite a difference)

So first, take out the three screws in the back of the head:

Then *squeeeeeze* The ears together really, really hard – I didn’t do it like this, it’s more with her in my lap and pushing down really hard.

Then when there’s a crack… wiggle the old body out:

You can do this without messing with the spring on their eyes, but Freckles has sleep eyes so that doesn’t matter.

Now Freckles has had this a lot and just pops right open…

… but the Monster is better behaved, so you can see how I just slid the old one out and put the new one in.

(If you want to add sleep eyes, use a crochet hook or something to unhook the spring, then tie some cord or ribbon to the hole it was attached to and feed through the back of the head)

The bodies are like this at the top, that’s pretty much the same for Licca, Obitsu and Blythe – though this is the Neemo

This is how you want them to sit in the head,

It’s tricky to hold them in and get the faceplates back together, but then just push everything up so there’s no gap – there should be some clicks and things as they snap shut. Then put the screws in.

All done!

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