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I saw an old picture I took comparing a few of the Minifee hands, and I realised I now have the full set, so thought I’d update it and share some pics of all of them in case anyone finds it useful (even me… they get mixed up all the time!)

L-R so the order is:

No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4

No.5 No.6 No.7 No.8

Starting with a pic showing what they look like without hands… downright scary…

Seth: Ok, right… can we get started?

Sure, Mina is in No.1 and Seth in No.2. I think both of these are boys hands.



Mina: What use are those hands anyway…

Seth: *honk* *honk*
Mina: Don’t even thinking about it…

… Moving on next ones up, Mina is in No.3 and Seth in No.4 – I think both of these are girls hands. The right hand didn’t fit Seth so well, but I don’t think that would be true of all of them, I think he has a slightly bigger wrist.

Mina: …


Seth: What?

Mina: Nothing… nothing…

Next up, Mina in No.5 and Seth in No.6 – I think 5 are boys and 6 girls, but I didn’t let that mess up the order… again the right one didn’t fit so well on Seth.


Mina: …

Seth: I’m getting a bit fed up of this now…

Last ones… Mina in No.7 and Seth in No.8, again I think 7 is boys and 8 girls, but hey… he looks so pretty…

Seth: She’s doing this on purpose isn’t she…

Mina: Could be… but imagine how I feel!

Seth: ??

Mina: It’s like some random guy is grabbing me…

Seth: Right, enough!

Don’t worry, I let them get their own hands back, eventually.

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  1. This is really useful little post, great for reference… I bought a used minifee shushu and was trying to figure out which hands she comes with…. looks like # 7 hands- yay!

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