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I’ve decided to go through all my sizes and just make a note of what clothes they have… this is mainly to stop me buying more things, buy viagra but I thought I’d share here for interest – and so I can check back later 🙂

I’ve already done the Blythes and PukiFee, but didn’t take pictures for them, so I’m starting with the tinies that is Sprout, Ali, Floki, Bel, Jinx and the Baby.

Here’s everything…

The tinies and their clothes

I was surprised by how much they have, after all three of them don’t really wear clothes…

So the list…

Hats: 6 (though I know of at least one that’s missing and needs tracking down)
Skirt: 1
Trousers: 12 pairs
Shorts: 4 pairs
Tights: 3 pairs
T-shirts: 5
Tops: 6
Nappy: 1
Dresses: 7
Hoodies: 2
Bags: 3
Cardigans: 2
Halter necks: 1 (though I thought I had two of these, so need to check)
Shoes: 5 (though Ali is missing a pair of red shoes)
Boots: 4
Pair of gloves: 1
Eyepatch: 1
Spare hands: 7 pairs plus one… (there are some RealPuki hands somewhere too)
Spare parts:
1 white pukisha set inc punch hands,
1 black pukisha set
1 white pukisha feet
1 ns pukisha feet
1 pair pigs ears
1 pair mittens
2 pairs ice skates
1 pair wing top boots (there might be another of those somewhere too…)

To me, that seems a bit excessive… but I am already thinking they could do with something nice to wear for Christmas… The good thing about the tiny clothes is that they don’t take up much room, here’s everything packed away:

All sorted

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