Cataloguing: The MiniFee boys

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The MiniFee boys are the ones I always think of as not having many clothes… and I suppose compared to the rest they don’t really, viagra sales this is after getting some clothes in the post yesterday…


MiniFee boy clothes

Underwear: 4
T-shirts: 4
Tops: 3
Shirts: 4
Hoodies: 2
Jumpers: 2
Trousers: 6 pairs
Socks: 1 pair
Coat: 1
Shoes: 4 pairs

2 thoughts on “Cataloguing: The MiniFee boys

  1. Beau’s on his way round to steal a few items lol – He has no where near the same amount of clothes as the girls …and Ive had him longest lol

    • Lol, I got two full sets of clothes in the post yesterday, so they’re doing a lot better now. But most of my girls have more than this each… I’ll get round to doing this for everyone eventually 🙂

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