My wishlist for 2012 (a review)

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At the end of 2011 I made the following mosaic…


Things I was wishing for:

1. JerryBerry, best viagra I was given a JerryBerry for Christmas, she didn’t stay… but I’m glad I got a chance to play with her and find out that JerryBerry’s aren’t for me.

2. RealPuki Soso, (4. RealPuki Aki, 6. RealPuki Roro and 8. RealPuki Kaka) I was a little RealPuki obsessed… and thankfully Fairyland re-released RealPuki’s early in the year and I was able to bring home a Soso, and also a Pupu (a new sculpt) these two moved on, but I now have my lovely Jinx, a RealPuki Roro living with me.
Which is which  Jinx

3. LittleFee Fox, I was able to bring this one home (though I’m currently thinking of re-homing her)
Beautiful new face

5. Custom Blythe, I had a few Blythes this year, but my lovely Monster and Knox are definitely staying for a while!
Loving her  Knox

7. MiniFee / Cline hybrid, I decided in the end that I didn’t want a c-line body, but I’ve been through a lot of MSD dolls this year to find one to fit with the family… (Leeke Mikhaila, Lati Blue, Unoa…) my Willow now is very settled and I love her.
My creation  Willow

9. ChocoPuki Sugar, This one is always on my list, but I think what I really, really want is for Fairyland to release them again – I can’t afford second hand prices, so I will wait for a pukipuki, pukifee or littlefee in tan from Fairyland (it might be a long wait!)

10. PukiFee boy, I didn’t buy a PukiFee boy… but Claudia came home, and Piper is still trying out being a boy – I need to spend more time with him to see if that works for me – if not he may leave and I’ll get someone to replace him.
Claudia_  Pippin_

11. Monster High custom, I bought a MH monster creating kit and was lucky enough to get one of the heads customised by the talented Dr Krowbar
I wish her hair was better!

12. Dollshe boy, Ah… I had the chance, several chances, to bring this one home… but I still think SD is too big for me!

I did very well with this list!

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