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This is an introduction of sorts… one of my aims for this year is to get all my story ideas, generic viagra and characters places in them, cialis sale down on the blog. So this is my introduction to my PukiFee, and how they relate to the main story.


The little fairies have a special magical room which exists between the real world, and the fairy world. They have all their favourite toys in and can spend hours happily playing and, importantly, leaving everyone else alone for a while.



But sometimes… story4_magic

the toys get tidied away… story5_magic

… magically.story6_magic

And Willow comes to see them.story7_magic

The little ones adore Willow, she’s their teacher and tries to teach them all about the world, and how to do real magic.

Todays lesson, food!story9

Claudia is sent to fetch the plates, they’re all very excited!

The lesson begins with a brief introduction into the theory, law and what can go wrong.story11

But theory of magic can be very boring… story12
Surely making food can’t be all that difficult? Even humans manage it!story13_magic


Oh dear… Willow might have to help with this one!

Willow sighs… Evie is very keen, sometimes a little too keen!

These sorts of problems are quickly dealt with though!story18_magic

And the lesson can continue

With Evie paying very close attention this time…

See, it really is simple, when you know how.story21_magic copy

Everyone concentrates, and tries together!story24_magic

Oh look!

Well done everyone! Now it’s time for their reward.

Although some have a very tasty reward…

…and others not quite so much chocolate, but at least it didn’t hop off the plate this time!

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