2014 Resolutions – update

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Now we’re in June, viagra and almost half-way through the year (!) I thought I’d do a catch up and remind myself of the new year resolutions I set in January.


1. sew/crochet/make something for every doll I’ve got.
I’ve done a few, probably need to get a list together and make more effort if I’m going to get this done by the end of the year.

2. Be more creative with taking pictures – use props and different angles.
I think I’m getting there, hope so anyway!

3. No impulse doll purchases – must really, really want the doll! Maybe think about it for a week at least?
Failed… I think all my dolls this year have been impulse buys, the Dubu, my BJD cat and the bunnies (incoming!) certainly were. Maybe I should try harder with this one!

4. No impulse doll sales, must think long and hard before letting anyone go.
Failed… I haven’t sold too many, but the cats were definitely impulse sales, I sold them quickly so I could buy the evethecat cat – I don’t regret it at all, but I must try harder!

5. Go to lots of doll meets!
Certainly getting there, had lots of lovely ones already.Though always want some more.

6. Get organised and sell all the bits I need to sell.
I’ve sold quite a bit, and I’m organised and have pictures of the rest, so I’m sort of getting there.

7. No more Blythes… I wonder if I’ll be able to keep this one 🙂
So far so good!

8. MSD room box – or at least a scene… I want to do more stories and I’d like to start doing them with props / rooms as well.
Fingers crossed this is getting there! I got a cupboard this week which will allow me to have two rooms. I’m planning to have Mina’s sitting room and Zephies bedroom/littlefee play room – very exciting!

9. Upload pictures at least once a week.
I’m not sure if I’ve managed this or not, I seem to be posting fairly regularly, so that’s ok.

10. Take most pictures on Manual (I do this already, but need to keep it up).
Yep, doing ok!

11. Sort out my doll characters, in my head and somehow on paper so I’m clearer about how everyone fits together and clearer for stories.
Yes, I think so… I’ve a few stories planned that will tie everyone in. And I did the PukiFee introduction to get all those into my story, which I’m really happy with.

12. Try very hard to stick to a one in one out policy… (I’m definitely having this as TRY!)
I think I’ve kept this, though I might have cheated and counted faceplates… I need to look at the family again and see what number I was at at the start of the year!

13. See Lucy at least twice next year again!
Failed 🙁 We’ve not managed to get anything planned yet.

14. Take part (and complete) at least three doll a day months.
I’ve managed to complete one so far, just… I’m taking a break in June – might try a July one.

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