BeYours, Honey Delf, LittleFee YoSD comparison pictures

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A new YOSD girl came home last week, viagra sale a BeYours girl, the body is amazing, I’m totally in love with it’s looks and posing – I would say I almost prefer it to LittleFee (and that’s saying something for me!) I’ve put a LittleFee headback onto the body and I’m really happy with the hybrid for my Mio.

This week I’ve been lucky enough I have a visitor, a Honey Delf Lolly (HDF) by Luts who is owned by my friend Jenni.

Seeing as I have three quite different YOSD bodies around it seemed an idea to take comparison pictures of the bodies and their posing abilities.

Side by side, I love the range of heights.compare1

Side view, with arm held out of the way.compare2

Back view, the BeYours has very similar knees and elbows to the LTF (almost the same system and shape)compare3

Head tilt, think LTF has the most movement here.

Looking up as far as they can – not very far for the BeYours or HDF (though the hybrid might not be helping)

They all do well at looking downcompare7

Showing arm length compared to the head, and elbow shape.compare5

A lovely pose I call squat and slouch… All leaning as far forward as they can in a slouch. The BeYours couldn’t lean any futher back in this pose.compre8

Leaning back as far as they could, the HDF would do better with sueding I think, the others have a latch to hold them backcompare8

Crazy dance pose. They all took some getting into this pose, but all held it easily once they were balanced.compare9

Kneeling, they all do this nicelycompare10

Touching toes, the extra joint on the LTF really helps here! They all have the closest foot as far back as it can go and the furthest one as far forward. The BeYours body is very good at pointing her toes – which I love.


Crossed legs, the BeYours and HDF can’t seem to bring their legs out sideways easily, but both hold a very respectable leg cross.compare13

Close up of the knees, all rather lovely.compare14

An extra one that only the BeYours and HDF can do, love this pose!compare15

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