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I decided it was time to see what clothes I have for each of my dolls, cialis usa and where there are gaps in their wardrobes. So I went through the LittleFee clothes boxes (currently one for the boys and one for the girls, though I’m thinking about giving them a box each). Below are photos of each of the LittleFee wardrobes, it’s made it quite clear which ones need a little more, and maybe some have a bit too much. I wonder if anyone could guess each wardrobe without the labels.

Rowan, as my first LittleFee it would make sense for her to have a lot of clothes, but really she doesn’t have a huge amount… I’d like another pair of trousers and maybe another dress for her I think.


Zephie, she has more than enough clothes… She might need a dress of her own, but she does borrow from Hazel so I think she’s ok.


Hazel, she’s still quite new, so it’s ok she doesn’t have quite as much as the other girls. I think she could do with one or two more bits in the future.


Olivia, as my newest LittleFee it’s no surprise she has the least.. but she definitely needs more clothes! The blue jumper and leggings are something all the girls wear, so not really hers. She’s tricky to buy for but I need to find her a few more bits.


Alfie, he has more than enough clothes… definitely doesn’t need more. Although maybe a pair of PJs.


Weezle, he’s got enough clothes… definitely doesn’t need anything else.


These are bits that don’t currently belong to anyone – but I’m sure they’ll get claimed in the future, or for different pictures.



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