MiniFee wardrobes

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Following on from going through my LittleFee clothes here: LittleFee wardrobes

I also looked at what each of my MiniFee has. Some have far too much…

Mina is my first MSD, cialis usa and has a very distinctive, viagra buy easy to buy for, style. So I’m not surprised she has so much. (that and she’s spoilt)

These are also Minas… mina1

Elliot, she has quite a distinctive style too. I don’t think she needs any more clothes.

Willow… I love her wardrobe!

Pixie, I always think she doesn’t have many clothes, but actually she’s doing ok!

Soony… I ordered this girl at the end of July, so it’ll be a while before she arrives. Think her style is coming together nicely though!

Theo, could do with some more tops, but he’s not really into clothes.

Seth, I’d like something more for him, but not sure what.

Ash, he has quite a distinctive style, and would like some more things.

Clothes that aren’t currently owned by anyone, I’m not planning on letting any of these go, they might get used in the future.

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