Photo a day November 2014 – part 1

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I took part in the fatmumslim photo a day challenge for November. This time I chose to make it even more challenging and take part with Pixie, sildenafil it’s about time she got her voice heard a little!

‘Something blue’
ADAD1 Something blue

2 – I saw this!
out for a run in my new town and met this amazing little sweetie! i’m in love!

3 – weather
such a beautiful morning this morning! i love getting up early for a run and catching sunsets like this while everyone else is still being lazy in bed.
ADAD3 Weather

4 – can’t live without
i really can’t live without my laptop, and the internet! specially at the moment, feel like i’ve moved to another planet rather than another county. can’t seem to connect to anyone. missing my friends like crazy.

5 – 8 o’clock
it’s fireworks night here, and my first away from home. feeling homesick to be missing the display in the park back home. reckon it must be the first i’ve missed in my whole life.
in an effort not to mope i grabbed the torch and went to see what the ones round here are like. result, not so bad, but not like home!

6 – made me smile today
i couldn’t help but smile when these two chancers came to the door almost a whole week after halloween! couldn’t help but feel sorry for them with their empty buckets so i gave them some chocolate.
ADAD6 made me smile

7 – on the floor
ok, i admit it, it’s a floordrobe… i need to get some furniture in my life, and fast!
ADAD7 on the floor

8 – a place
my favourite place, my lovely big bed!
ADAD8 a place

9 – heck yes!
i like to start my day with yoga, it always gives me a ‘heck yes!’ feeling.
adad9 heck yes

10 – i do this every day
every morning i try to go for a run, while it’s still early!
ADAD10 i do this every day

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