Photo a day November 2014 – Part 2

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Part two of Pixie’s photos.

11 – a set
my set of dolls. i love these little guys, tadalafil would love to add more one day.
s_ADAD11 a set

12 – normal
normal for me is running late for classes… but hey, buy viagra there’s always time for pictures right!?

13 – letters
PIXIE! Playful, Impetuous, eXcitable, Intelligent, Enthusiastic

14 – for me
finally something that will keep the clothes off the floor… maybe! my room is starting to feel a little more like home now.
s_ADAD14 for me

15 – hot + cold
it’s getting cold, but i’m feeling hot with my favourite owl hat and snug jacket.

16 – after
after a weekend of clubbing and late nights, there’s only one thing i want to be doing… the morning run can wait for another day.
s_ADAD16 after

17 – cooking
ok, so i’ve not really got into cooking at uni… a toasted sandwich counts
s_ADAD17 cooking

18 – i love this
i love my new little pets… a totally cute snail and marimo ball, feeling less lonely already!
s_ADAD18 i love this

19 – whole
things are looking up… been assigned to work with this guy on a uni assignment! we got together over a pizza after classes to discuss it, finally a chance to get pizza, i can never justify getting a whole one for me!
s_ADAD19 whole

20 – bright
the most peaceful time of the day, yoga and meditation in the dark.
s_ADAD20 bright

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