Photo a day November 2014 – Part 3

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Final part of the pictures, sildenafil it’s been a great month!

21 – shoes
my tiny shoes collection… i think i need some more!
s_ADAD21 shoes

22 – a favourite thing
my very favourite thing, generic cialis spending the evening dancing!
s_ADAD22 a favourite thing

23 – i made this!
my grandma gave me a knitting kit to take to uni, i’ve finished it, but not totally convinced knitting is my thing!

24 – i need to do this!
i found one with brown hair… i need to order right, right?!
s_ADAD24 i need to do this_sml

25 – time
too early in the morning, but this assignment is a big one and if i want to go our to play this weekend i’ve got to get it done!
s_ADAD25 time

26 – wall
i spent some time decorating my room… it’s feeling a little more like home now i think! i need to find a few posters and things to completely cover the walls!
s_ADAD26 wall

27 – i’m thankful for this…
i’m feeling very thankful to have met this great guy at uni! he has a girlfriend, which is a bit of a shame, but he’s still a totally great guy to be spending time with.
s_adad27 thankful for

28 – black
i like my tea black, strong and lots of it! i think there’s a chance i have a bit of a tea addiction…
s_ADAD28 black

29 – so this happened
ok… little ashamed of myself… only a very little though 😉 met this rather lovely guy in the club last night, what can i say…

30 – i bought this!
treated myself to some lovely bits, can’t wait to try everything on, and out!
s_ADAD30 i bought this

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