2014 Resolutions – round, up

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It’s the end of the year, cialis sale so time to see where I got to with the resolutions, and see what might need to go into next years resolutions!

1. sew/crochet/make something for every doll I’ve got.
Failed… I’m definitely going to have this on the list for next year and try to keep track of it. I’ve no idea what I’ve made for who at the moment.

2. Be more creative with taking pictures – use props and different angles.
I’ve definitely done much better with this one, glad I made it as a resolution!

3. No impulse doll purchases
Failed… really, really failed. But that seems to be the nature of how I collect dolls, so I’m not too worried about it – not a resolution I’m making again.

4. No impulse doll sales, must think long and hard before letting anyone go.
I failed with this one too, but if you impulse buy, sometimes you’ve got to impulse sell to afford it!

5. Go to lots of doll meets!
I’ve been to some lovely, lovely meets this year and am so lucky to know so many fantastic people in the hobby.

6. Get organised and sell all the bits I need to sell.
I’m happy with this, I had a few really good clear outs through the year. I’ve got another stack to go next year, but that’s a good thing.

7. No more Blythes…
No… I did buy one this year, I sold four though, so that’s got to count for something!

8. MSD room box
I do have this, but I haven’t managed to take photos with it yet. I guess a resolution next year could be to finish it and take photos in it.

9. Upload pictures at least once a week.
I’m not sure if I’ve managed this one or not. I seem to have been fairly regular so I’m happy with this one. I’m wondering about trying to blog at least once a week next year, it would be nice to keep this place more up to date.

10. Take most pictures on Manual
Definitely achieved this one!

11. Sort out my doll characters, in my head and somehow on paper so I’m clearer about how everyone fits together and clearer for stories.
I think I’ve done this one, I’m a lot happier with how everyone fits together in my head. I’ve a few things I want to do next year with the stories and characters.

12. Try very hard to stick to a one in one out policy…
I’m pretty sure I’ll be finishing the year with less dolls than I started it, so that’s a definite success.

13. See Lucy at least twice next year again!
I managed to get to see her once, which was lovely! But not twice 🙁

14. Take part (and complete) at least three doll a day months.
I managed to do this one! In 2015 I’ll be trying to do a doll a day for the whole year.

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