2015 Resolutions

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2015 Resolutions
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1. Make something for every doll I have
I had this last year, but I’m going to try again, and document it this time so I can keep track of how it’s going!

2. Lots of dolly meets, including seeing Jenni and Lucy at least once each in the year
Always need dolly meets 😀

3. Take more full length doll photos
I got the props and angles last year, now I need to work on full length pictures, specially with my larger guys!

4. Take more photos, and stories, in my doll rooms
I have a room for each size now, so I’ve no excuse for not using them.

5. One in one out
Could be harder this year, but I’m going to try, I really don’t want the numbers to run away with me.

6. Complete doll a day photo challenge for the whole year
Time for another year long challenge, I’m not going to be too hard on myself with this one, so I’ll be happy with just doing a few monthly ones.

7. Nice eyes for everyone who needs them
I think I had this as a resolution a few years ago, but I’m back to some of them needing new eyes, specially the smaller ones.

8. Catch up with my story
I’ve so much planned in my head and I know where almost everyone is in the stories, but I need to get them made and up.

9. Move all my old photos from my old flickr account to my new one
A boring one, but something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, I’d love to have them all together and get them deleted from my old account.

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