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I’m almost sure I said never again… but here we go! I’m going to go a month at a time, buy viagra and try to achieve something with the photos each month to keep things interesting.

This month I’ve decided to make a start on a few of my resolutions ‘Take more photos, viagra generic and stories, in my doll rooms’ and also ‘Catch up with my story’. So I am only taking photos of my story dolls, in character and trying to build on their stories and characters with each one – it’s a bit of a challenge for a dark January!

And of course that wasn’t hard enough, I’m using this word list:
Photo a day January

I’m now nine days in, and so far so good (though it’s been close a few days!).

1 – New
Mina and Rowan are both very tired after staying up to see the new year in, I think they’re wishing Rowans new tea set came with real coffee!! Sprout is checking under the tree for missed presents… again… she’s done this every day since Christmas!

2 – Change
Seth is desperate to get Alfie out of his Christmas jumper and into normal clothes. He’s been wearing it every day since Christmas! Rowan isn’t helping at all, she finds it far too funny!

3 – Organize
The fairies have been told to tidy and organize their room. It’s not one of their favourite jobs, so they’ve been putting it off too long! They’re hoping Willow will come and help them get everything sorted.

4 – Black and white
Ash is due back at Uni soon and just come back to Mina’s after going home for the holidays. He’s left it a little late to be doing his Christmas assignment, so is hoping hurried pics of him and Willow in black and white will fit the bill. Plus it means he got to spend some quality time alone with her.

5 – Clean
It’s twelfth night tonight, so time for Christmas to be cleaned away. Theo is getting some help from Suki and Sprout, and I think he might be wishing he wasn’t…

6 – Outside
Seth is glad Ash is back for uni, who else will spend the whole day playing games and eating pizza with him? These boys haven’t been outside all day, and don’t care.

Mina is keeping well clear, but wondering why they don’t do this kind of thing at Seth’s place rather than hers!

7 – Dark
Pixie is annoyed about it always being dark when she’s trying to take doll pictures – she’s not the only one!

8 – From a low angle
Suki and Sprout love to help Mina with her crochet… She’s learnt to surrender a ball to Suki at the beginning to get at least some peace – doesn’t often work with Sprout though.

9 – Colourful
Slight cheat on the prompt, but since I’ve shared everyone in individual photos I thought I’d do group one. These are my lovely colourful characters 😀

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