Change in the air…

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Bit of a change to my normal story telling style for this one… this is more of a written story with one photo to illustrate. Mini chapters maybe. I thought I’d post them all here together to make it easier to keep track.

1 – Bedtime story

“So Rowan, viagra sales what story do you want tonight?” asked Theo, cialis usa hoping against hope it wasn’t Peter Rabbit, again. “wellll…” Rowan was hiding the book so he couldn’t see, a bad sign… “welll…. since Mina read last night, Peter Rabbit?!” Rowan said pleadingly. He inwardly groaned, and held out his hand, he’d lived long enough to know that this was an argument he wasn’t going to win.
After the story Rowan gave him a long stare, “Theo…” she started “Uncle Theo” he corrected automatically “yea, Uncle Theo… when are you and Mina going to have a baby and send me away” Theo froze… “um, what?” he managed, Rowan sat up straight and began “I heard Mina and Uncle Seth talking about it earlier, she said she wanted to have a baby and send me away to a boarding school so that you guys could be a family” despite the shock Theo still inwardly noted that Seth got an Uncle where he didn’t, “Rowan… Ro…” he managed at last “we’re not planning to have a baby… Mina doesn’t want… I don’t, um” Rowans face was a look of total disbelief, and hurt, he tried again “Rowan, sweetie, whatever happens with Mina and I, you will always, always have a place with us here.” He pulled her in for a big hug then sent her off to bed, she’d given him a lot to think about.

2 – Thinking

Rowan had left him with a lot to think about. Mina was out, staying over with her friend Marnie, Theo sat up on the sofa, barely moving all night. He didn’t doubt that Rowan had overheard something, which meant that Mina really did want a child, though he couldn’t believe she would want to send Rowan away ever. Mina had always known that because he was a vampire that wasn’t an option for them, they had talked about adopting even, but Mina had insisted that Rowan, and her house full of waifs and strays was enough, and he’d always believed her. Until now. He had to talk to Mina, and clear this up. He started as he heard her key in the door and realised now was as good a time as any.

3 – Making a mess of things

Mina was tired, she was always tired after spending a night at Marnies drinking wine, talking and laughing too much. She was surprised to see Theo up already in the living room, she’d come back early to be there when Rowan woke up. “Hey” she said, “you’re up early, what’s going on?”, Theo was sat stiffly, with a look on his face that puzzled her “is everything ok…” he drew a long breath “Yes, no, I’m not sure” he started, Mina felt all the muscles in her tummy tighten, “what, what is it” she managed sitting down next to him, fearing the worst, “is Rowan ok?” she was slightly relieved to see him look startled “Oh! Yes, of course, it’s just… Rowan told me some thing’s last night, and I’ve had a lot to think about, I don’t know… I don’t know where to start”. It was Mina’s turn to take a deep breath “Theo… you’re scaring me now, what on earth has Rowan said, what’s going on?” he put his head in his hands and groaned “I’m sorry, I’ve sat up all night thinking how to talk to you about this and I’m still making a total mess of it” Mina sat down next to him and put her hand on his knee, “Theo…”

4 – Happiness

Theo took another deep breath “Rowan overheard you talking with Seth, that you want to have a baby” he paused, waiting expectantly, Mina frowned thinking, “Oh… oh we were joking… Seth was asking if I wanted to have children and I joked that I did… Rowan must have overheard” she squeezed his leg “is that all this is?” he shook his head “I don’t know, I guess I’ve been waiting for it, for you wanting a family and more than I can be for you” she sighed “ah, I don’t know Theo, I think I always used to want a child of my own, but I have Rowan, and you… and that’s more than a lot of people get. ” she looked around “and the little ones, and sprout… and Ash, and Seth… and Alfie! I’ve really got my hands full… not sure I’d find the time for anyone else here” she finished wryly “and honestly, you’re enough for me, just as you are… I love you. Theo put his arms around her gently “I don’t want you to regret missing out” he said softly “it’s a big decision” Mina returned the hug “love, I don’t think I’m missing anything” she replied “I really don’t”

5 – Things on her mind

After leaving Theo, Mina went and sat outside, she felt like she needed time to think, and get a clear head. That’s where Willow found her, head in her hands like the weight of the world was on her shoulders… she squeezed onto the seat with her “Hey Mina, what’s happened?” she asked, concerned. Mina gave a sigh “I think I just lied to Theo” she said… “I didn’t mean to, but, I think I did, and now I don’t know what to do”
Willow sat back, startled “Mina! What on earth do you mean? Why did you lie and what about?” Mina groaned “I’m not sure what happened, he asked me about the future, and children and whether I wanted them, and if I was ok being with him… and I said I didn’t want children and that of course I was ok with him… but now I’m just, just not sure” Willow frowned “Ah… but, you do love Theo? And want to be with him?” “Well, well yes of course” Mina answered quickly “but… I don’t know, I think maybe, maybe I would like children, and I think we both wish he wasn’t, wasn’t what he is..” Willow smiled “Ah… I see..”

6 – Change in the air

Willow laughed, “but that’s easy Mina! Why don’t we just, change him?” Mina smiled at her “I guess it might be possible to change the man you love, but not like that, it’s not a problem with him not doing the dishes we’re talking about… it’s who he is”, Willow frowned, “you love that he’s different, and special, and his personality, and that he does the dishes… and the ears… and just want him to be able to have children?” Mina smiled “well, kind of, yes, and the vampire thing, see, not things you can change just like that” Willow looked thoughtful, “it doesn’t seem too much, really” she said slowly Mina started “Willow… uh… Willow… Will…” but Willow had gone still, her eyes looked dark, different and dark, she looked smaller… a wisp of grey appeared from her open palm, it was a wisp that Mina had come to recognise “Willow” she whispered “what have you done…” Willow fainted to the floor.

7 – A new man

After getting Willow back onto the chair Mina rushed into the house to find Theo, she was relieved to find him asleep on the sofa, she laughed happily “oh Theo… I’m glad to see you, I thought Willow had done something crazy!” Theo groaned as he woke up and stretched “Mina… what, what happened…” he said, and as he sat up she could see… it wasn’t Theo. Mina took a step back, and a deep breath “Uh… uh, Theo?” she managed, but he wasn’t looking at her, he looked at his hands, and then they moved to his face, and ears… “Mina… what the…” after another step back Mina managed to stammer “I, I, I’ll go get Willow” and fled.

8 – Explanations

When the girls returned it was to Theo looking at himself in a Mirror, looking very puzzled, and very not Theo. He turned and frowned at Willow “what happened?” Mina was relieved that he didn’t sound angry, just confused. Willow was still feeling wobbly, so Mina helped her to sit on the sofa, she touched Theo’s arm gently “I think I might have got carried away” she said “umm, sorry… but Mina said you both wanted you to not be a vampire, so I, well, changed you. Sorry” he looked at Mina questioningly “I, I told her what we’d been talking about… I think I, lied, earlier, and I was talking it over with Willow, and she, um… well… got the wrong idea?” “you lied earlier?” he managed “I’m sorry Theo, I really am, I hadn’t thought about it, but I think that yes, in a perfect world I would have wanted children, and you not to be a vampire and everything… but, that didn’t mean I wanted you to be different, just that I should have told you” “ah” Theo said “well, I think you might have got what you wanted, I’m not a vampire any more, I seem to be an… elf?” he glanced at Willow who nodded.

9 – A new man

Theo has quickly adjusted to life as an elf, he’s found that the food is much, much more interesting than his previous diet and now spends hours walking outside and playing in the garden whatever the weather. The mood in the house seems to have lifted, lightened and become more sunny. Willow was never in trouble for changing him, though Ash was a little nervous for a while and has made her promise to at least try to think before using her magic on people, she’s promised to try… but doesn’t really see what the fuss is about seeing as everyone is happier now. Rowan was as shocked as everyone else to discover he wasn’t a vampire any more, but after several picnics and walks to the park she has agreed that elves are much more fun – and she’s made him promise to learn how to shoot a bow an arrow to be more like her favourite elf Legolas. And Mina, Mina is very happy with the new Theo.

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