Birthday night out

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Starting a series of stories I wrote while waiting for Pixie (two years ago!), best cialis nothing if not well thought out… The second picture is Indigo, who is owned by the lovely Jenni, you can find out more about him on her tumblr: Indigo Williams.

Pixie stood for a moment in the doorway and looked around uncertainly, this wasn’t somewhere she’d come before, but her friend Eden had recommended it as a place to go as a girl on her own, before apologising profusely for having to be out of town on her birthday weekend. She sighed and headed towards the bar, the holidays had been long and dull and she was dammed if she was spending another Friday night in. The summer had been a killer, Eden had been busy with work, her Uni friends had gone home and while she had planned to go home she ended up staying. Her mother had made it perfectly clear that while she was welcome her new cat Fiskerton wasn’t… allergies. So she’d refused to go home this last weekend of the holidays even for her birthday.

It was still early, and she wasn’t expecting much, but the place was warm and inviting, there was music playing from a band she couldn’t place, but could easily get into from the sound of it, there were a few people sitting around sharing drinks, snacks and jokes. ‘Good call Eden’ she said under her breath and walked up to the bar. She was met by a warm welcoming smile and a pair of gorgeous brown eyes, she smiled a welcome and they talked over the drinks available, nothing she’d heard of, but everything sounded very interesting. The barman gave her something and smiling, promised she’d like it, he headed off to serve some more people. She sipped it dubiously, and was surprised to find that yes, yes she really did like it.

That’s when she became aware of a patch that wasn’t quite as cosy and relaxed… a guy sat on his own in a corner booth, interested in nothing more than his drink… there was an almost visible cloud of gloom over him, and to be honest, it was annoying… how dare he sit there killing the atmosphere in this lovely place. She paused for a moment… what the hell, she was here alone and always liked a challenge.

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