Birthday night out #2

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Seth sat quietly, sildenafil inwardly fuming about the noise, and the happy people without a care in the world. He knew he shouldn’t have come here but his gaming mate Ash was home for summer and the only talk at Mina’s was about babies and weddings.. and while that was ok for a while it could get a bit, annoying. But now he was here and everyone was so happy and smiley and just plain irritating. Still he’d just about finished his drink and could get out and go home.


“Come here often?” Seth looked up, there was a young, short stupidly cute girl with blue hair grinning at him impishly… “you’re… coming on to me?” He said in amazement “steady boy… give me time” she answered and winked at him. Totally stunned, and completely wrong footed, all he could do was laugh. Pixie blinked in surprise “didn’t think making you smile would be that easy! Swear everyone in the bar can see that cloud you’ve got following you” “Yeah, sorry… this drink is nearly done, I’ll be out of here soon, thanks for the laugh though, needed it” Seth was surprised, but he felt lighter, maybe it was true what they said about laughter.


Pixie had surprised herself, as well as the guy… seeing him smile, and so quickly, after looking so low had given her a buzz… and that smile had definitely been worth the risk. She thought quickly, night alone… or chance this some more? The decision wasn’t a hard one “You’re leaving so soon?” the guy half smiled, “thought me and my cloud were getting you down… be more fun for you if I clear off” she was losing him… “But, you’ve not given me a chance to get you a drink…” there was a slight grimace, he clearly didn’t want to stay, she tried a pout, and was rewarded with another half smile. “I don’t let girls buy me drinks, especially ones I don’t know” Pixie pretended to think for a moment, “Hmmm, ok, you can get me a drink this time and get to know me before the next one!” there was no comeback from that, unless he was going to be outright rude… and they both knew it. He looked up to call the barman, to find he’d just finished pouring them their drinks.

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