Birthday night out #3

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Pixie woke feeling worse than she had in a long time, viagra sale worse than anyone had ever she corrected herself. It had been going so well, till Seth found out she very rarely drank, and she found out he never danced.

They’d come to some stupid agreement that she’d try one of the special beers and he’d dance with her… The first one had been pretty awful, but never one to be beaten she’d had another… and another. The dances hadn’t been horrible though, they’d been a lot of fun. They’d danced and laughed, all evening… She had a feeling there might have been a kiss or two in there as well, she smiled to herself. Not a bad birthday night considering it had shown so little promise. She stretched out, trying to get the energy to go put the kettle on, and froze as her foot touched something, more memories flooded backā€¦


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