Birthday night out #4

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Seth woke when his leg was touched… confusion… fresh bedding and a warm light room… oh hell. The girl in the bar, tadalafil Pixie, though really what kind of name was that. She’d made him dance, though he guiltily remembered that he’d probably got her drunk. He vaguely remembered insisting that he should share the taxi home and make sure she was ok, always the gentleman. Oh… yes, she’d invited him in to warm up and then he was going to walk home from hers later. The warming up had been fun… and he hadn’t walked home. He groaned.


“Hey” Pixie said, Seth looked up and was confused to see a mess of brown hair rather than the blue, ah, a wig… of course “hi there, uh… I, I’m really sorry” Pixie couldn’t help but smile, the guy still looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, dammit why did that make her want to do something to lift it! “From what I can remember you don’t owe me an apology” she replied. Seth had the decency to grin sheepishly, “thanks, I’m, definitely sorry about all the drinks though, bet you’re not feeling the best?” Pixie frowned and nodded and was rewarded with a little bit too awkward half hug “I’ll put the kettle on, and raid the fridge” he said “… if you tell me where they are”.

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