Birthday night out #5

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Getting dressed was awkward… neither wanted to be totally naked, viagra usa despite the fact they’d clearly just slept together, viagra buy and Pixie’s kitten had claimed all the clothes on the floor and didn’t want to give them up. Eventually they were decent and Pixie fetched them a mug of tea, not wanting him to see the state of the kitchen. Seth sat and sipped, trying to keep the cup away from the kitten who was fascinated by it and him.

The awkwardness was stifling, Pixie wasn’t sure what to do next “I, uh have a bit of study to do this morning” she said “last night was really fun… You want to meet up for some food later?” Oh heck… She was asking him out, what the hell was going on, this was definitely not part of her plans. He looked as uncomfortable as she felt “Oh, look… I’m really not, I don’t want…” he sighed and started again “last night was great, it really was, long time since I’ve had so much fun, but I’m really not ready for anyone else in my life. I’m sorry things went so far, I’d tell you I’m not that kind of guy, but I guess I was and old habits are hard to break maybe I just…” “fine” she interrupted trying not to feel hurt “it’s not a problem”, Seth finished his coffee in silence.

When he’d finished his tea Seth tried again “Pixie, I really am sorry, I wish I could commit more… But, I’m way older than you” “four years!” She interrupted indignantly “…and I have a son. It’s not what you need” “I just asked if you wanted to meet up, don’t flatter yourself that I wanted anything more” he glanced at her, damn, she was upset and trying hard not to be. He pulled her in for a hug, and felt her stiffen indignantly… “look” he began Pixie sighed, pulled away and brushed some hair out of his eyes “It was fun, lots of fun, it’s fine, see you round”.


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