Birthday night out #6

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Once Seth had left Pixie showered, viagra sales played with Fiskerton, tidied the room, put some washing on… she was debating calling her mother when she realised she was trying to take her mind off what had happened the night before. It wasn’t the first time she’d fallen for a guy in a bar, and ok she didn’t make a habit of moving so fast but it wasn’t unheard of… but something was definitely different this time, maybe she did actually want to see him again, and she didn’t think it was just stubbornness because he seemed to be so against the idea. She decided that things weren’t so bad that she should spend an hour talking to her mother so grabbed her notebook and headed out for a coffee, an afternoon drinking coffee and reading glossy magazines definitely felt in order, and this time she could pretend she was researching her next assignment not just double checking the press hadn’t managed to track her down and get pictures yet. A thought made her freeze… what if someone had a camera last night, she’d promised to be more careful while she was at uni. She didn’t think she’d seen anyone, but having had a drink who knew… wonderful, her mother would be thrilled. Still, no use worrying about it now, she’d find out soon enough.

Reading the glossy magazines weren’t quite so much fun after the thought that she might soon be appearing in them.


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