Birthday night out #7

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Seth walked, viagra inwardly fuming… what the hell was he playing at, best cialis going to a bar and ending up in bed with some student was definitely not what he should be doing. He’d promised everyone, including himself, that he’d be a responsible adult now that he was a father. Thank goodness he’d sorted out for Alf to stay with Mina for the night. Now he had to go pick him up and hope it wasn’t obvious what had happened. The worst of it was he couldn’t help wishing he’d got the girls number… and that was something he shouldn’t wish for. She was too young, too cute and clearly needed to be concentrating on Uni rather than spending any sort of time with him.

He arrived at Mina’s and headed into the kitchen, hoping he’d get away without anyone realising what had gone on. Theo was sat drinking a coffee he looked him up and down “Good night? I’ll put the kettle on…” he said with a half smile. Damn, he was getting away with nothing “morning Theo, Alf ok?” “Of course, they’re all in the living room, sure you’ll hear them” he replied. Then Seth became aware of the noise from the front room, his headache wasn’t going to get better any time soon.

Mina looked up as he walked in the room, she was sat on the floor playing dens with Rowan and Alfie. He couldn’t help but smile at the scene, they’d played this together when they were this age, probably with that sofa he suddenly realised. “Hey Evs” he called and smiled as he got the scowl calling her that usually caused. “Morning Seth, all ok?” she said but there was no time for reply as Seth was pounced on by Alfie and Rowan and dragged into the den as well. This was what he should be doing he reminded himself, playing with his son and remembering his responsibilities, not having one night stands with cute girls in bars. He needed to forget it had happened.

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