2015 Wishlist round up

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At the end of last year I created a wishlist for 2015…

1, Tiny20 Delf, probably Peter or mytyl, possibly in the darker tan.
I didn’t get this in the end, Luts released their centaurs and they came home instead. I don’t think I’ll add this to my wishlist this year, though I do still fancy seeing one.

2. 5cm grey kitten for Pixie, hopefully with sleeping head
I was very, very lucky with the kitten, one came up at just the right time and from a friend too – so Fiskerton is here to stay.

3. Pullip. I’d love Nana-chan – but I can’t find her for anything other than crazy prices at the moment 🙁
I found my Nana-chan and I still love her very much.

4. MSD table and chairs
I was lucky enough to bring this home as well, I might try to add two more chairs next year.

Fairly sucessful year 🙂

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