2016 Resolutions

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I’ve tried to come up with some resolutions again. They’re all very similar to last year, hopefully I’ll stick to them.

1 – Spend more time sewing and making
I didn’t do much dolly sewing at all in 2015, so I’d like to get back into it this year. I kind of want to perfect a pattern or two, rather than being ok at things. I also want to knit at dolly scale.

2 – Lots of dolly meets
We’ve got the first one booked already, so fingers crossed I’ll keep this one!

3 – Take more creative doll photos
I’m starting to feel very stagnant in my photos, so I want to try and do different things next year, not sure how successful that will be as I’m not sure where to start!

4 – Make more videos and be more part of youtube community
I’ve made a start on this already with a few in the last couple of weeks. I want to make and watch more this year! My channel is here

5 – One in, one out
I’ve done ok with that this year, I think… But definitely need to stick to it next year!

6 – Complete at least two months photo a day
I’m looking forward to not having to take a photo every day, a whole year photo a day is HARD! But I do enjoy them, so I want to do at least two, maybe 3 monthly challenges.

7 – Suede / re-string and/or kip everyone who needs it
Most of my littlefee need restringing, my minifee mostly need kips, and I’d like to suede mostly everyone, so this is quite a big challenge.

8 – Get up-to-date with all my stories
I’ve got a load of stories written, I need to make them, and get everyone in the stories – somehow.

9 – Move all old flickr photos to new one
Ongoing one this one, I might find time for it now I’m not uploading doll a day pictures every day.

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