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Starting a new ‘series’ with my stories, these take place more or less in real time, so Ash found out about Seth and Pixie at the wedding in November, and nothing has happened between Seth and Pixie since.
The boys are having a quiet night in gaming, a bit of a rarity since Mina had the baby!


Ash: So, you’ve not seen Pixie recently then… since the wedding.

Seth: Uh, don’t really want to talk about it.

Ash: No, that’s what she says too.

Seth: Well, maybe leave it then… we’re both fine as we are. She’s getting on with her uni stuff and I’m getting on with my life.

Ash: yeah, well you’re not really though, are you. You’re both moping around, while thinking you’re doing the best thing for each other.

Seth: I’ve been over this with her, twice, I’m a dad, she’s a student. It wouldn’t work at all, in any way. She doesn’t want to be lumbered with that.

Ash: Aah, I didn’t realise she’d proposed to you and demanded you get married.

Seth: What?!

Ash: Well, you’re acting like the only possible outcome is that you marry her and ruin her life, I must have missed that bit somewhere.

Seth: Of course not…

Ash: So, why can’t you just meet her, talk, and see if you two could just… have fun together.

Ash: I’m a student and you don’t seem to worry about wrecking my life spending time with me.

Seth:¬†Well, no… I’ll, I’ll think about it.

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