This blog is an attempt to pull together my photostories, comparisons and occasional rambling into one place… I post most frequently on my flickr account but every now and then I will update with a story, comparison, box opening, character information or series of pictures about one of the dolls.

The blog will mostly be about my BJDs, though I also have some Blythes and other dolls who might make an appearance. You can find more information about my dolls on the dolls pages.

The categories are used to separate content, and the tags for the dolls, each post is tagged with the name of who appears in it (most of the time).


My Photostories are organised into my main story world being mina and other stories.

I love to take doll comparison photos, if you have any requests for anything from the dolls I already have let me know! All the comparison photos can be found in the comparisons category.

The chatting category is my catch all, which gets most of the random ramblings.

Within this category there are also box openings and links to my youtube videos.