2 thoughts on “Comparisons

  1. Hi. I can here to look at your MiniFee hand comparisons on Seth and Mina but it seems to have been taken down. However, while here I noticed the following on your Comparisons page:

    “I love to take doll comparison photos, buy viagra if you have any requests for anything from the dolls I already have let me know in the comments.”

    Buy Viagra? And it has a link to some website where I can only assume you can buy viagra. It just doesn’t seem to really go with the rest of your website so I’m thinking that maybe some malicious code crept into your website’s coding at some point. Other viagra links appear on other pages too (Being Mni and Chatting also have them). There are also links for other drugs on other pages like The Dolls pages and the Fine Me page. The seemingly random way the links are incorporated into the website makes it look unintentional on your part so I just thought I’d let you know.

    If you have the comparison photos (I could only find some of them on Google) and your assessment of which hands are more boy and which hands are more girl that would be appreciated.

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