Being Mina


These stories effectively ended with the baby being born at the end of Series 4, since then I have made a few stories, but the stories continue on without me documenting them. Maybe one day I’ll sort this site out and start new stories, but for now they exist as an archive of what was.

This is my main story world, I’ve been adding stories to it since April 2010. I’ve broken things down into series to make them a little more readable, the stories are all in order from the newest to the oldest.

Series 5

Series 4
Starting with Mina discovering she’s pregnant and ending with the baby being born

Series 3
Where more characters are introduced and the story fills out, ending with Theo changing into an elf and Willow leaving.

Series 2
Where the stories started becoming more of a proper storyline. Starting with Theo’s arrival and ending with Theo and Mina as a couple.

Series 1
Also known as ‘how long ago!’ and ‘I can’t believe I made that’.