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PukiFee Ante
Faceup by: Fairyland
Moved in: 18 June 2010

Rose is a very girly fairy, and completely spoilt. She has by far the most clothes and shoes. She loves to dress up in party dresses, but she’s also an outdoorsy girl, she loves nature and always celebrates the seasons.

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PukiFee Zio
Faceup by: Fairyland
Moved in: 11 May 2013

Rex is the baby of the family and completely spoilt by pretty much everyone else.

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PukiFee Vanilla
Faceup by: Jatzu
Moved in: 22 August 2013 (first time) 16 May 2015 (second time)

Evie tries very hard to be good, and good at magic. But it often goes wrong because she has so many other things to think about…

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