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LittleFee Ante
Faceup by: Maz
Moved in: 4 July 2009

Lovely bossy Rowan, she definitely rules the roost, or thinks she does. She’s pretty spoilt and thinks she should be involved with everything. She’s Mina‘s half sister, Theo‘s great-great niece and Alfie‘s best friend.

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LittleFee Bisou
Faceup by: Fairyland
Moved in: 11 September 2011

Alfie is quite a shy little chap who doesn’t generally get into trouble or make much noise. He’s bossed about a lot by Rowan, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. He’s Rowan’s best friend, and Seths son.

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LittleFee Shiwoo
Faceup by: Fairyland
Moved in: 16 June 2011

Weezle is not in the main stories. He is a naughty cheeky boy… and he’s always got something planned. He’s very kind though and wont stand for anyone bullying the little ones. Weezle’s most often found plotting something with Zephie

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LittleFee Chiwoo
Faceup by: Fairyland
Moved in: 30 April 2012

Zephie is not in the main stories. Cutie McCuterson and Weezle’s best friend… she’s quirky, cute, and trouble! She likes all things pink and colourful, and climbing trees. When she and Weezle get together nothing can stop them.

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